APM 9.0.6 Investigator metrics not showing

Discussion created by MattJones1309083 on Aug 29, 2011
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We have built out a APM environment for production use and we have just migrated our first two Weblogic agents to it. We are having an issue where after some time, we can no longer view individual metrics on it. For example if I expand the GC Heap, bytes in use, it's blank with the time range of 18:50-19:00. If I click on the GC Heap folder I get the live data for the summary of bytes in use, bytes total and time spent in heap. Restarting the MOM will clear this up for awhile but it reverts back to this problem within 24 hours. If I log directly into my collector, I can see the data as expected so I believe it's a MOM to collector communication problem.

My environment consists of a clustered set up, all instances running on AIX6, the MOM is on 64 bit java, the two collectors on 32 bit java.

We have the same non prod set up and we are not seeing any issues, all the hardware and configs are the same between the two.

I have a case open but so far, not much luck, I just wanted to see if anyone here has seen a similar issue.