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ACTION ITEMs / Non-Participants

Question asked by Dave on Sep 2, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2016 by Dale_Stockman
We have a pretty mature RISK management process in place using Clarity. One of our business rules for RISK management is that there should (must!) be an ACTION ITEM created against a raised RISK. We police and report against this sort of thing in our assurance statistics.

HOWEVER, due to the way Clarity "collaboration" works, we can only assign the ACTION ITEM (associated to the RISK) to resources who are PARTICIPANTS on the relevant project.

This is a real pain for the users; if the target ASSIGNEE is not already a participant then the process breaks down; the user has to go off and find a COLLABORATION MANAGER for the project, get them (if they can find one; collaboration managers being a whole other problem to setup) to do something then go back to the RISK and create the ACTION ITEM. Pain. :sad

I have 2 solutions so far;

#1 : Assign a system group containing "everybody" as a system-group participant to every project.

PROS : This works for the ACTION ITEM assignee part of my problem

CONS : This works slightly differently to the normal assignee selection process.
This opens up (makes visible) every project to every user.
When I create a new project I will have to auto-magically add the system group as a system-group participant (I'll need some new process/code to do this, possibly a customisation if I can't do that in XOG?)

#2 : Customise the lookup that is used in the "Select Assignee" popup. ("calendar.project.browseUsers" in the eventsListPMD.xml file)

PROS : This works for the ACTION ITEM assignee part of my problem (as long as I code it right in the XML file!)
The same dialogue is used as the users are used to for the selection of their ACTION ITEM assignee.
(The downstream affect of is the same as if I assigned the AI to a participant and then removed that participant from the project)

CONS : Its a customisation. :vader:
It also affects the ACTION ITEMS that are created at PROJECT level.


(I'm going towards the #2 customisation at the moment)

So, does anyone have any better / different solutions for my problem (or can see any problems with my solution)?