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CA Access Control endpoints and Sunone LDAP as user store.

Question asked by alberto.tenmoron on Sep 5, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2011 by alberto.tenmoron

We would like to know if Access Control is able to work right with unix/linux system that use Sunone LDAP as user store instead of local user and groups. These systems wolud use native PAM for Unix/linux to enable LDAP authorization.

In the official documentation says that is posible for UNAB ( CA PAM module ) and Active Directory as user store. ( pag 12)

UNAB FeaturesCentrally Manage UNIX Authentication:
UNAB simplifies the management of local UNIX users by validating their authentication credentials against Active Directory. User and groups need not be defined in NIS or locally in the /etc/passwd file. User attributes such as home directory, shell, UID, GECOS and password policies are retrieved from Active Directory.

We need to know if somebody has integrated unix systems with sunone ldap as user store for authentication.