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Clarity 12.1 SP1 & MSP 2010 Weird Behaviors

Question asked by DanielSGHE on Sep 6, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2013 by Ryan.Erlandsen
We have started testing our upgrade from 12.0.6 generic hotfix 15 to 12.1 SP1. I have installed MSP 2010 (standard) and am attempting to test functionality with Clarity. I'm able to open a project but the behavior seems 'off' to me. Issues I'm seeing (may be my lack of MSP 2010 knowledge):

1) During the install I noticed the MSP2kadd.mpp wasn't necessary to open as it was in the past, however, there's no longer a 'tool bar' option, only a menu it appears. Is this accurate?
2) When opening a project from Clarity to MSP, I receive the standard 'Project1' that opens. I'm prompted to save it. If I click 'save' and choose a location the project I was opening won't open. If I cancel the save on 'Project1' the project continues to open from Clarity.
3) The project, once open in MSP appears to be 'flat'. The WBS is missing from the view. Is this a setting in MSP somehow or could it be because the project was saved as an MSP2007 file?
4) This may be an MSP problem. I'm unable to add columns to the view. I right-click and choose 'Insert Column' and it gives me the list of options but I'm unable to select any of them. Click, double-click, enter - nothing works to choose a column from the list.

Any help with the above issues, best practices, setup advice for MSP 2010, etc is much appreciated!