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MSP Percent Complete Calculation

Question asked by Halty on Jun 17, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2010 by euravic
Hi all,

I need some help with a user who is having an issue with the % complete calculation in MSP for summary tasks. This user has been using the MSP interface for years and is proficient. However, he says this issue is new and he doesn't know why it happened. Here's the facts:

[*]Downloads project from Clarity
[*]All sub projects download as well
[*]When the project opens in MSP, the % complete for summary tasks is not calculated. However, this does happen with other, unrelated projects he downloads.
[*]Yes, there are % complete values for the sub tasks.

I tried deleting the records from PRDOCUMENT that correspond to his projects, but this did not help.

It seems like MSP is refusing to run a calculation on the project when it opens from Clarity.

Any advice would be appreciated.