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Discussion created by SNiazi Employee on Jun 17, 2010
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[font=Verdana][font=Tahoma][font=Verdana]Hello Clarity Administrators,

Shahrukh Niazi here from CA Service Assurance Team. On many occasions we have been approached by our customers’ needs to not only monitor Clarity Application and its customizations, but also sometime customers experience performance degradation in their Production environment with Clarity.

Our experience shows that when it comes to managing performance , Clarity Administrators are challenged with the following tasks :

Monitor Clarity Response Times,
Triage its backends problems
Diagnose which Portlets and/or queries are running slow and causing performance degradations
Monitor Email related problems
Monitor resources on clarity servers

I wanted to share with this community as to how CA Service Assurance Solution like APM can help you manage these above mentioned challenges and monitor and analyze Clarity application performance, its transactions response times as well its end-user experience. With CA WILY APM solution, you can also gain end-to end transaction visibility , monitor true end user experience and proactively manage Clarity or other Web/Java or .Net based applications performance.

With “Introscope Clarity Field Pack”, you will be able to proactively monitor Clarity database SQL queries, which query is running slow as well as Portlets code execution, alert on stalled portlets, any errors happening on the Portlets and Reporting generation code. Easily identify performance of each URL, its page request and updates. With this Introscope field pack, Clarity administrator will be able easily troubleshoot performance problems in Production.

Details about Introscope and its architecture can be found here:

I hope you find this blog useful, feel free to contact me with comments and questions or If you are interested in evaluating Introscope Clarity Field Pack, please reach out to your Account Management team

Good luck and good monitoring!