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ESP Alternate JCL without TEMPLIB - any other ways to do this?

Question asked by EricWolff on Jun 17, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2010 by GBudbill
Here’s a scenario:

First off, for various reasons, our ESP environment came to us from the client without TEMPLIB definitions in any of their JOBPROC set-ups. This has caused a problem with being able to do one-off overrides to jobs in existing open applications. As an example:

The event for application FOCUS triggered at 1200. We got a request at 1300 that, for tonight only, we need to run job ABC123 from SPECIAL.REQUEST.LIB(ABCSPEC). Is there an easy/safe way to do that without a TEMPLIB already defined? We’ve stumbled over a kludgey way to make it happen, but it’s got some big exposures, plus we’re probably exploiting unintended functionality, which usually means that it’ll go away in a future release leaving us high and dry.

Here’s how we’ve figured it out:

“H” the job to hold it.
“R” the job to call up the resubmission panel.
On the resubmission panel, specify just the alternate library/member as needed and exit out.
“A” the job to remove the hold.

The dependencies and time requirements are maintained. (Yeah, surprised me, too.) When the predecessors and time are resolved, the job submits from the alternate source.

The exposure to this is to always be certain to do all the steps. If the hold is not done, the job submit occurs immediately with the resubmission panel update, bypassing all dependencies. Dangerous! Also, if the release isn’t done, it can slow progress when the schedule stops. Not as severe, but still a possible issue.

Has anyone faced a similar no-TEMPLIB situation? If so, are there any other less worrisome alternatives to this?

Yes, we are working towards getting the client to let us add TEMPLIB definitions to their processes, but it will take time and we hope there may be a better stop-gap until we get there.

Oh, by the way, we’re still 5.4.