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Affiliate plugin issue

Question asked by michaelhendrix1318308 on Sep 16, 2011
I'm a relative newbie having issues with the Affiliate, Agent relationship. It was working ok untl I pointed it at a different policy server. Once I did that it started failing on the agent w/ this error. Does anyone have have any suggestions?

1) hit affiliate
2) redirects to cookie provider
3) fails

[..\..\..\CSmAffiliate10Plugin.cpp:141][INFO:2] AFFILIATEPLUGIN: Proccessing Affiliate Resource.
[..\..\..\CSmAffiliate10Plugin.cpp:327][INFO:2] AFFILIATEPLUGIN: Establishing Affiliate Session.
[..\..\..\CSmAffiliate10Plugin.cpp:405][INFO:1] AFFILIATEPLUGIN: Establishing Session - Exit from Establish Session 'Identity Cookie Absent/Invalid'.
[..\..\..\CSmAffiliate10Plugin.cpp:406][INFO:1] AFFILIATEPLUGIN: Redirecting with SMPROFILE=NO to Affiliate agent 'https://***.***.***.***.com/BillingSystem/Startup.aspx?SMPROFILE=NO'.
[..\..\..\CSmHighLevelAgent.cpp:327][INFO:1] HLA: Session Manager indicated processing should exit - return code 5.