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Question asked by tejo on Sep 17, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2011 by tejo
In our project we write modules for extracting records from IDMS database and put it in a dataset. I thought of using QFiles generated in OLQ and caling that QFile in JCL using the OLQBATCH program. This will save huge amount of time for us, as we do not have to write the entire module for extracting records. Now the problem is the output generated by OLQBATCH program cannot exceed 132 LRECL in the dataset. If the query returns the value which is greater than 132 then the exceeding values gets truncated. I wanted a document on OLQBATCH utility or solution for bypassing this 132 LRECL restriction. The size limit is actually creating a roadblock for this to be implemented. Kindly sugeest. Thanks