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Timesheet Approval Portlet

Question asked by Brittany on Sep 21, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 29, 2012 by Dave

Our timesheet approvers are complaining that it takes to many clicks to approve a timesheet.

Click on the Action Item -> Click on the timesheet object link ->View the Timesheet -> Hit the browser back button -> Change drop down to Approve -> Submit

Is it possible to create a portlet where the timesheet approver can view all the line items/tasks they need to approve at once? I would like give them the option of approving all, approve one at at time, or return

Date---- Resource ----Project Name---Project ID ----Task Name---Hours---Approve/Reject
9/11/11 Smith, John-- ABC -------------00000123-------General-----------10------------- [   ]
9/11/11 Smith, John-- DEF -------------00000124-------Adminis-----------30------------- [   ]
9/11/11 Billy, Bob---- ABC -------------00000123-------General-----------20------------- [   ]
9/11/11 Billy, Bob---- DEF-------------00000124--------Adminis-----------20------------- [   ]
9/11/11 Green, Ham- ABC -------------00000123-------General-----------40------------- [   ]

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