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Export to Excel blank when url pre-filters portlet

Question asked by vtleogal2 on Sep 21, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2011 by Dave
I have an open case with support and they suggested i log my situation here to see if anyone else has done this? I cannot believe that we are the first client to have a URL pre-populate a portlet filter. When
this occurs, and you Export to Excel (on the page) the data is blank. A work around is one i found that either IE gives or Microsot where i can right click on the screen, choose export to excel and when the query gives an error in Excel, you right click the cell it gives, say edit query and you can easily import whatever data you want from your screen. I showed it to support and they thought it was pretty cool.
Anyway, it does not solve our problem. The end result of the portlet is that is is basically two portlets on one page, and we are using the Export to Excel on the page. if you export to excel each portlet individually, then it works (data only). We are v 12.1 Excel 2003 w/ compatibility pack

From the case
We have a url whose link is populated by a process. the link goes to a
portlet page where it PRE-FILTERS the portlets (two of them) to show the
When this occurs, the exprot to excel in the upper right hand corner does not
work.. it exports everything blank
We are IE8-- cannot test on any other browse but occurs for everyone
12.1 Oracle
1. process populates the link of the URL (a custom attribute on a secured
2. click on URL
3 portlet page with two porlets displays the record values (the record from
where the url was selected )
4. Select Export to Excel in the upper right and it exports blank

Is there an issue with being able to export when the portlet has its filters
pre=determined by a url?

when we pulled the portlets into a tab manually and changed the Url to have
it prepoplate (Based on an id).. it still exported blank
The developer got it to work once when he hard coded/forced the id rather
than having it pre-populate

If you have ideas, and you think the sql traces , gel script from the processes, etc will help, i can post them. i just wanted to see if anyone has seen this? It fails on Firefox too. Support said export to Excel actually re-executes a query, it is not exporting the data on the screen. They said it is trying to re-execute the query that the URL is passing.