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Can we link the Gantt portlet of WBS page to any other Object List view

Question asked by rahul.agrawal03 on Sep 22, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2011 by rahul.agrawal03

I have a list view of one of the custom object. This has Project ID also as a column there. My requirement is that if I click on the Project ID of that list view, a Gantt Chart similar to the one which comes upon clicking on the Gantt button at the bottom of the WBS page ( Project-> Task-> WBS page.) The same Gantt also opens when clicked from My Projects tab icon. Basically, I want to leverage the existing Gantt Chart for the custom object list view.

Also, would like to know if we have any OOB clarity portlet which shows only WBS data without the Gantt.

Please share your ideas.