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Resource Planning Portlets - Need Clarification

Question asked by sundar on Jun 23, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2011 by RayRay-DTV

we now focusing on the resource planning portlet for our v12 Resource Mgmt.we have not used in 7.5.2.i need some understanding about the below fields / queries used in the resource planning portlets.

1. Include To-be-hired Resources -->Resource Planning - Capacity - OBS - Role capacity - Resource Aggregation --what this field ‘Include To-be-hired Resources’  Denotes.How & where can we use this?

2. Resource OBS Type --> Resource Planning - Capacity - OBS Resource Aggregation --> This field when we click is showing all the OBS ,Hope it should show the obs associated with the resource OBS Only?.In what way it helps the users?

3. Resource OBS (Aggregation) --> How can use it effectively.

4. In the Resource Planning Portlets Like Booking Status , Unfilled Allocation etc we can't use the OBS in the power filter(when you choose it will show
no values -->an Bug) .So how you are handling it? Example -->when you want to use multiple conditions in 2 OBS(we have 2 Obs for resources).