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Open WorkBench Issue : Task duplicated while saving project plan to Clarity

Question asked by viral.gandhi on Sep 27, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2011 by another_martink

Can anyone encountered below issue. If yes, then any work aorund for the same or any suggestions. Appreciate your help.

I have Open Workbench project plan of size around 4.5MB which has around 200 resources and around 47,000 assignments. I was trying to upload a offline copy of this Open Workbench project plan back to Clarity server. The project was already existing in Clarity with around 560,000 hrs of actuals on it. When I tried saving/uploading the offline copy of the project plan, it was just showing "Waiting for Server" for about an hour & the project plan never got upload/saved to Clarity as the Open WorkBench went into "Not Responding" mode as soon as Clicked "File>>Save Ss" button to save the offline copy back to Clarity server. Hence I had to close the Open Workbench from "Task Manager". When I reloaded the project plan from Clarity into OWB in read-only mode, I observed that most of the task on which actuals are entered have been duplicated and the original task are now under “Deleted Tasks” phase. Now my project has most of the actuals of around 560,000 hours under "Deleted Tasks" phase which has the original task & assignments. How can I restore this project?Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions and work around.