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How to Revert the Impact of the Job Import Financial Actuals

Question asked by DurgaChintaluri on Sep 27, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2011 by another_martink

Employees Enter time through Clarity Timesheets.

Please follow the steps.
1. Employee Enters 8 hours for a project P1 and task T1 on 01/02/2011 (Emp: Rate: $100)
2. Submitted approved and posted
3. Now Wip tables has has total 800 with a quantity of 8 hrs (prj_blb_slices for DAILYRESOURCEACTCURVE shows 8 hours).
4. But the Actual cost for that employee on that day should be $780 (This was calculated in a third party tool and we get this information through a flat file).
5. So, we XOG the Cost of $ -20 with a quanity 1 to the project P1, task T1 and transdate 01/02/2011. (ran transactions to financial and post to wip job).
6. Now the wip tables has cost &780 and Quantity 8 (sourcemodule 51 from timesheets ) and 1 (source module 50 through XOG). (Still prj_blb_slices shows 8 hours).

******somebody ran Import Financial Actuals accidentally********************
7. Now prj_blb_slices showing 8+1= 9 hrs. (The cost looks good but the quantity gets added 1 from the XOG transactions).

We don't like to included the quantity comes from the XOG transactions.
Now how could we revert this ? any help would be greatly appreciated.

Durga Chintaluri