How to create alarms with the unknown SNMP devices traps?

Discussion created by CristianoP on Sep 29, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2011 by Roger_Nason
Hi list!

I'm trying to create an alarm when a specific trap is received, from the unknown SNMP device.
This is one example of the messages that I have in OneClick (event), for event 0x10802:

Trap 6.20 received from unknown SNMP device with IP address and SNMP community string 'prosnmp'. Trap identifier
Trap var bind data:
OID: Value: 2
OID: Value:
OID: Value: 24
OID: Value: 2300667

In event configuration, the event is 0x10802, I tried to create some event rules (event condition) that would generate some different alarms, based on IP, but I cant do it work :(
Somebody can explain how can i do it?


Cristiano Pereira