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Not able to Edit/Delete an Object

Question asked by vivek.gupta4 on Jun 30, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2010 by vivek.gupta4
Hi All,

I created an object with id my_res, and XOGed out into an XML to have a backup copy.
Later some other team member modified something in database, due to which I was not able to Edit this Object, whenever I click on the Object name to edit it, it says "No Object Found". The database table for the object is still there.
So, I tried XOG in from the backup XML, but that too failed. Probably because an invalid object with same ID already exists.
So, I did a replace all for the id (my_res to my_res_test) and then XOG in, which succeeded. So, I have a valid Object (with id my_res_test) which works properly, and an invalid object (with id my_res). I tried to delete the my_res object, but the system gives error "System Error. Contact System Administrator". So, I am not able to delete it from front end.
Can anyone please help me in deleting this my_res object from back-end, as the customer in UAT would not accept an object with id my_res_test.

In short, I want to delete an object from back-end. So, which records from which all tables should I delete and in which sequence?