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12.1.2 & Open Workbench 1.2.1 speed test results

Discussion created by Robert Ensinger on Oct 4, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2011 by Chris_Hackett
Hi folks.
Using a thread here to post some test results for a LinkedIn discussion - I hope other OWB shops find this valuable.

There is a bugfix in 12.1.2 for OWB that conceptually should speed up saves. I ran tests yesterday to try to ascertain real world numbers.

The issue:
CLRT-58507 - OWB: Saving a project back results in extraneous saves even for objects that did not change, resulting in increased blocking and performance issues.
Steps to Reproduce:
1) Activate sql tracing
2) Open a simple project in OWB that has 1 task, 1 assignment and 1 resource
3) Without making any changes save the project back
4) Observe the sql trace.

Expected Result: Very few updates should be generated, and certainly no updates to assignments and tasks.
Actual Result: Updates to 17 tables are generated

About the test:
- The test system was a Development server running on old hand-me-down hardware. Our production architecture is 4 times faster.
- I selected 14 projects with a mix of task counts and resources. This is not apples to apples where each task has identical number of assignments, this was a mix.
- The top two projects are masters with subs, with the subs set to open read-only. The first number is the task count from the master, the second is the cumulative from the subs.
- 20 tasks were 'dirtied' on each project. I ran at least two saves each. If the numbers were dissimilar I executed 5 saves and recorded the mode.

[size=4]Results: I'm seeing on average a 200% decrease in save times from Workbench back to Clarity with 12.1.2 over 12.1.[size]

This will provide immediate value to our organization. Thanks to all at CA who've worked on this. Although we 'use' Clarity, the truth is that Workbench is where 80% of the day-in day-out 'tool time' work happens; and little enhancements here - where my customers live and work - provide the greatest benefit and cast a good halo effect for Clarity.