Clarity 12 SP6 with BOXI - WEBI to Production DB throttling/monitoring

Discussion created by michael.f.brunak on Jul 2, 2010
We have a 12 SP 6 environment which we are migrating to BOXI. We intend to point the WEBI Universe reporting to the Clarity production database, and this is a CA supported configuration.

However, we are also concerned that un-savvy WEBI users may create long-running queries, which will impact the DB for the entire application.

Is there a way to monitor the users coming in via WEBI somehow in order to either disable or identify long-running queries? Is there a way to throttle the queries so that no more than a certain number of rows are returned? I know there are global settings, but we are only concerned with possible runaway queries via WEBI, or poorly designed WEBI reports impacting production.

thanks much!!