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Navigation tricks - Lens, Console Dashboards, Investigator

Question asked by Jean_Dagenais on Jul 2, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2010 by Jean_Dagenais

I am developing a new version of our dashboards and I would like to make the navigation easier between different dashboards and the investigator.

I know that we can add ether a link (with lens) or a URL to a console widget (e.g. chart, text label, image) and then copy it to different dashboards (this create a top level navigation bar for all related dashboards).

I also know that by default a graph or an alerts can bring me to the investigator or management module editor (alarm) node.

I am looking at 2 things:

a) Is it possible to clear the lens automaticallly with a widget/java script or when switching console dashboards??
b) is it possible to create a link on a Console object to go to a specific node into the investigator?

Any other tricks that make navigation easier for the users would be quite welcome!

Thanks very much for your help and advice!