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500 Error special Characters - Help

Question asked by tnestor on Oct 6, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2012 by Scott Derderian
I am using clarity 12.1.1
on websphere 7 with suse linux
with oracle 11g database UTF8 Character set.

We just went from Clarity 12.0.04 to 12.1.1

We are getting numerous 500 errors from customers.
The fix seems to be to run a db command for a project something like this:

UPDATE inv_investments
SET status_comment = 'Comments:

- Comment Line 1.

- Comment Line 2
WHERE id = 9999999

It replaces "special" characters entered into the status_comment field.

We got this error occasionally in 12.0.4 Only a few a week.
Now with 12.1.1 we get as many errors in 1 day as we used to get in a week.