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Process - How to create a step to wait for some time

Question asked by on Jul 6, 2010
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Hi All,

I need a way for a process to wait for other processes to finish running before continuing.

I have the following situation:
1. A Project has a suboject named SDLC Project Questions
2. When I am promoting the Project to the Completed state, I need to first evaluate the SDLC Project Questions linked to this project and update the project with the correct status according to the status of those suboejcts
3. When I start the "Promote to Completed" process in the Project object, this process uses a GEL script that does a XOG IN on each of the SDLC Project Questions subobjects in order to fire a process linked to the update of this subobjects
Note: Here is the main issue, I need to wait for all these subobjects processes to finish before I can continue the "Promote to Complete" process I've started in the Project.

I am looking for either a way to set a WAIT in the "Promote to Completed" process or a way to indicate a step to wait for those subobject processes to finish before continuing.

This does not seems to be feasible in Clarity.

I am considering to split that in 2 processes, one to evaluate all the SDLC Project Questions subobjects and only after that is finished I would fire the "Promote to Completed" process. But, still, I will have to use the GEL script to XOG IN the subobjects as well and that means I continue without any asurances of when the subobject processes have finished.

Anyone has any ideas of what I could use in a situation like that?