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Actuate -> Crystal Reports migration/conversion options

Question asked by Maddineni on Jul 7, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2010 by DK33

We have asked to provide a recommendations/various options on clarity custom developed reports migration/conversion from Actuate9 to Crystal XI.

In my knowledge below are the various options which we can use in order to migrate/convert the clarity custom developed reports from Actuate to Crystal.

Develop Vendor specific adapters which will convert Actuate files - > Crystal report (not sure how it works).
I heard some time back CA is providing adapters upon customers request (its not free ,cost involved and also not sure about limitations in terms of re-usability).
Re-develop the complete report on Crystal (by using the existing custom actuate reports specifications).

Unfortunately I did not get a chance to heard about any of the customers who are being used/have used adapters to migrate their custom developed reports from Actuate -> Crystal so far.

If some one come across the adapters option or know the process of Actuate - > Crystal reports migration,Please provide your inputs on this.

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