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TIM connection issue

Question asked by zhang.zhao on Oct 11, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2011 by MaryGreening
I ran into TIM connection issue when I am doing load testing. TIM Collection Service Collector was not able to keep up and in MOM logs it was saying it was disconnecting and reconnecting (once we restart this TIM collection collector). Other collectors gets more load and they go in round robin mode and disconnect and reconnect...
And there was long delay happening.. I stopped TIM and tried to restarted it because I was not able to see transaction data on the Investigator. I observed a very long delay. Because the previous data appeared on the investigator after I stopped the TIM. And after a while, like seconds lator, the connection lost again.....
Is there anyone ran into the similar issue before and can give me some suggestions? Is it because of the load testing? This TIM is not able to handle this large transaction going on? How can I figure this out?
I would be appreciated if anyone can give me some suggestions. Thanks