CA Clarity Tuesday Tip: Broadcom Adapters and Windows 2003 and SQL S

Discussion created by Shawn_Moore Employee on Oct 11, 2011
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Title: CA Clarity Tuesday Tip: Broadcom Adapters and Windows 2003 and SQL Server and NMS_MESSAGES

CA Clarity Tuesday Tip by Shawn Moore, Sr. Principal Support Engineer for 10/11/2011

Today's tip is very specific, but still affecting some customers. Thanks to Stephen Riley, one of our Solution Integration Architect's for the information from this tip.

An error message is generated when an application connects to SQL Server on a server that is running Windows Server 2003. The error can take the form: "General Network error," "Communication link failure," or "A transport-level error"

A Microsoft KB article was written to address this issue. The article is located at:

The issue that is described in the KB article with regard to SQL server 2005, Windows 2003 and a Broadcom chipset network adapter is that this combination can cause intermittent connectivity issues that by themselves need to be addressed but are not as severe as the issues that occur when the workaround for this issue is applied.

The bigger issue is that the workaround in this KB can cause major blocking in Clarity on the NMS_MESSAGES table. The blocking can be so severe that it may require killing the blocking process and restarting the server.

We recommend that customers, "DO NOT APPLY" the workaround listed. Microsoft says that the first line of defense is to update the firmware and drivers of the network adapter. This would be the best course of action, rather than applying the steps of the workaround.