Making APM Easier to Use

Discussion created by TimReid Employee on Oct 12, 2011
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The APM Support team loves working with customers whether over the phone or via email. Especially when you encounter problems, this is the appropriate way to work together to solve them.

However, when you just have a question about how to use APM, opening a case can cause a delay; you must set aside your work and wait for a response.

Here at CA Technologies we look closely at what parts of our products create the most customer issues, and we feed this information into the Development process for improvement.

But we are also interested in your thoughts on what we can do to make CA Application Performance Management easier for you to use, and make you more self-reliant.

What are some frequent sources of questions?

What would you like to see changed in the product, the documentation?

What changes would help clarify product behavior?

What would make it easier to learn to use APM?

Please share your thoughts.


Tim Reid
APM Support Planning