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Which table(s) contain pointers to filesystem documents?

Question asked by Alex_Feldstein on Oct 14, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2011 by Alex_Feldstein
I need to know where the pointers to documents are kept so I can query now and later compare record count to see if anything has been added by users next week.

We are going to do a disaster recovery test next week. On Sunday we will shutdown and clone the system, then start up Clarity from the clone and run like that for a week, then following Sunday we reverse the process. If all goes well, the clone will be moved off-site as a disaster recovery app system. The database will remain the same for this test.

We don't expect any issues, and it should be transparent to users, as the clone is the same and will have same name and address. As long as we make sure only one of them is up and any point in time we should be fine.

A small hole in the works is if a user adds a document (we keep them in the filesystem, including the Knowledge Store). It is unlikely as it is not done very often but we want to avoid returning to the original box and losing whatever document(s) they added. Even with a warning and disclaimer sent to them up front there is always a kind soul that does not read the instructions.

If I could find the table(s) that contain the links or pointers to the actual documents, I could check at the end of the process if anything has been added, then hopefully identify the user and contact them to repost in the old server.

Any ideas?