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Crystal Command object with Date parameters

Question asked by Halty on Jul 8, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2010 by PaulJSchofield
Has anyone had any luck creating a report that uses a command object for the data source and has date parameters evaluated in the command object?

I can run my report from Crystal reports developer with no issues, but when I publish the report and execute it from Clarity I get an 'invalid date' error. I've tried everything from converting the date to a string and to a date again but with no luck. I can't seem to validate the exact SQL going to the database either.

The expression is not complicated, it's roughly:
Select * from cmn_sec_users where last_updated_date >= {?param_date}
However, this simple command gives me the 'invalid date' error in the would-be report window when I run the report from Clarity. Again, the report runs in Crystal report developer (XI R2)

I have successfully created reports for the same environment using stored procedures.