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Workflow Post Condition Question

Question asked by Brian_Snyder on Oct 14, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2013 by navzjoshi00
I have created a workflow that notifies a group of people if a certain type of project task is created. This group has to approve the task before it is opened for time entry, but once anyone in the group approves their action item, the process can continue. Or, once anyone rejects the action item, the process can continue down a different path. I have used an XOR split on the post condition since the two options are mutually exclusive (either someone approved or someone rejected). The post condition is :

"Action Item.notify_pc Number of assignees with Status Rejected >= 1" THEN follow the rejected path
"Action Item.notify_pc. Number of assignees with Status Approved >= 1" THEN follow the approved path

The problem is that when the workflow is initiated, and a user approves the action item, the process calls the successor step twice. All downstream steps are executed twice, including the finish step. Is this due to the XOR split? Or the way the Post Condition is written? In previous versions of this draft workflow, I only had one approver/rejecter and in those tests I did not notice this behavior. It only started once I added multiple resources to receive the action item.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!