Clustered EM bug in 8.2.2 - heads up

Discussion created by dave.richards on Jul 9, 2010
Just want to use this forum to let you know that we picked up on a bug in 8.2.2 that has been fixed in 8.2.3

Our kit is running AIX 5.3.0, IBM JVM 1.5

If you are running a clustered EM solution, you may occasionally need to take a collector out of the main config so you can do some work on it (pruning, patching, whatever). In releases prior to 8.2.2 you could easily do this by commenting out the relevant collector, do the necessary work on the collector in isolation, then uncomment the collector in the MOM config and it would seamlessly reconnect.

The bug in 8.2.2 means that the collector does not reconnect correctly. You can see the collector is connected in the Investigator view, but no agent data or supportability data is available. You can see errors in the EM log when you try to pull back data from the affected agents. The only way we could get the connection to the collector re-established was to restart the MOM.

We could recreate this at will in our POC environment, and the 8.2.3 patch release looks like it has been resolved.