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Personal Dashboards (12.0.5+)

Question asked by Dave on Jul 9, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2010 by Kathy_Fisher
I have just been experimenting with the "Personal Dashboards" stuff (which was new in 12.0.5).

(see session PP503LN on the CAWorld2010 collateral for a good explanation of all that LINK HERE)

So I'm completely comfortable with the setup/admin etc of the dashboard, but I end up with one "implementation" question;

Is the only way that the user (who I have shared my dashboard with) can access the Dashboard through the GUI via the "Application Menu -> Dashboards -> Find the Dashboard I want / View Dashboard" route? I'd rather like to be able to add the dashboard "into" the application somehow - eg on the Overview page and a tab content????

I know I could save the "URL link" for the dashboard as a browser-favourite, or even as a personal favourite link or home-page within Clarity, but that is a bit of a ugly workaround.

I'd rather just be able to integrate the dashboard into my user's experience without sending them down the "Application Menu -> Dashboards -> Find the Dashboard I want / View Dashboard" route.


EDIT : and just for reference I came across a problem with the personal dashboard functionality (which I subsequently found the KB article for : see TEC525335) meaning TAB pages don't work correctly in 12.0.5.