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End to End Process for Custom Crystal Report

Question asked by timalex on Jul 12, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2011 by timma.l.wilson
Hi all,
We've just completed our upgrade from 7.5.3 to 12.0.6 (big JUMP) in our dev environment. Now we need to begin testing custom reports since we're off of Actuate and onto BO.

Does anyone have any documentation or simple steps we can follow that would allow us to know how to do the following:

- Create Crystal Report in Crystal Desginer X1 (to clarify we know how to build reports, we just don't know how to get BO to execute them within clarity 12.0 interface)
- Deploy to Clarity for users to use.

We know how to define the report in Clarity, have done it 100's of times. But we don't know what steps we're missing after the report is created in crystal to get the BO engine to execute it.

Also does anyone know if it's necessary to continue to use 'nikuadmin reports install' after you've created a new crystal report.

does that command have to be run for BO to register the report.

any help, documentation etc is appreciated.