IDMS record level security

Discussion created by Gary_Cherlet on Oct 19, 2011
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Our security policies make it mandatory for us to secure database access at record level. Currently IDMS security implementation through the RHDCSRTT does not contain this option.

I opened an issue at CA support, the alternative they provide (and there are no other suggestions) is the use of a database procedure that issues a #SECHECK for a user-defined resource type. To me this seems not to be the most optimal way to implement it, rather complex, and I see some pitfalls (enforcement that db proc is set for every record in the schema, security check should be done only once per record within a run unit, etc.)

I asked CA to open a DAR to enhance the IDMS security system to allow record level security by means of SRTT definitions.

Are there other IDMS users that face the same problem and/or are interested in this option ?

Is there anyone that already implemented security on record level, if yes how did you do it ?

Best regards, Frank