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Crystal Reports - Sorting a Gantt Chart

Question asked by AndreaMcVey on Jul 12, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2010 by AndreaMcVey
I have created a custom Crystal Report for Clarity using the Gantt Chart.
I am trying to sort the gantt chart and I am getting all kinds of weirdness. I have looked on the Crystal boards, but no dice.
It keeps reverting back to the sort order coming from the stored procedure whenever I save it and reopen it.
So I thought, ‘Hey, I will just force the sort on the stored procedure, since the sort order isn’t going to be dynamic.’
But when I added the ‘order by’ section to the select statement, it still wasn’t picking it up – either when I run the Stored Procedure or when I run the report.
I looked online, but everything I read supports what I put in the Stored Procedure I created.
I am at a loss and Crystal is behaving very strangely. :/
Any help?