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Reports BO questions

Question asked by Andy_O_Sullivan on Oct 20, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2011 by Andy_O_Sullivan
HI,I've got a few more questions on Clarity reports with BO, decided to raise a new post as it's a new issue(s).

My general issue is:RPT-0008: Specified report was not found on the reporting server.

I have so far:
1. installed r12, on mssql
2. installed BO
3. imported the two biar files
4. Ran the two jobs: Create BusinessObjects Users and Create Earned Value Snapshots
5. Ran nikuadmin reports

I haven't however installed a reports service or ran nikuadmin install reports successfully.
Do I need to do this?

Re: the error I'm getting RPT-0008: Specified report was not found on the reporting server,
when I login to BO, and navigate to Folders->CA Reports->CA Clarity there are no reports to be seen.
Is this because the biar import failed or because the nikuadmin reports didn't do what it was supposed to do
or am I doing something else wrong?

One item that may be wrong - in the NSA , the database ID field is 'niku' , my odbc connection to my clarity db though on
the reports server is "clarity1210", which I don't think BO CMS references anywhere. I didn't get asked for the Clarity odbc during BO install - just the CMS one.

I cahnged the DEsigner connection to "clarity1210" to test it anf that tested ok, but is this unrelated to the reports themselves?

Any help appreciated as always!