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Dear IDMS Community - I wanted to give you early warning of a problem we encountered.

If you are running IDMS R18 and have an IDMSCLCX defined to IDMSUXIT, there is a very good chance that one or more of your system-owned indexes are corrupted. The problem has to do with the saving and restoring of key values during SR7 creation.
It doesn't matter what IDMSCLCX does or what form it takes. The mere presence and invocation of the exit is enough to cause the corruption to the index whose record was passed on the call to the exit.
We encountered '0705' connect-duplicates errors on index entries which contained all binary zeroes. I'm sure other statuses or abend codes are possible. I have also seen indexes corrupted that have unintelligible random "trashed" values. All affected indexes will need to be built or re-built.

You should request temporary fix [color=#0404f4] TR36722[color] from C.A.. It is my understanding that the published fix for this is still several weeks away.

Jon Gocher