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Source of Role_code in IMP_TRANSACTIONIMPORT table

Question asked by VaniK on Jul 14, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2011 by Akhil.Kakkar
Hello Everyone,

I am having trouble fixing "Invalid Transactions" with "No Rate found" error messages. After spending lot of time troubleshooting, I discovered that the role_code value in IMP_TRANSACTIONIMPORT table is not correct.

For some reason the "role_code" value in IMP_TRANSACTIONIMPORT is either blank or wrong for lot of resource. When I check the Resource's role code in the "Resource General properties" page, the role code is correctly set, but in the IMP_TRANSACTIONIMPORT table the role_code is either blank or an invalid value.

I am trying to figure out where does the clarity pull the role_code values when populating the IMP_TRANSACTIONIMPORT table? It looks like when you run the posttime sheets job, the IMP_TRANSACTIONIMPORT table gets populated.

If any one can provide any ideas, I would appreciate it very much.