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IS agent memory usage. Insane or to be expected?

Question asked by Goran_Morchel on Jul 15, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2010 by aleandrade
Hi guys,

One of my customers asked me the other day: What does it cost me to run introscope within my application? And since I have never really checked it myself I thought I'd do that now, so I know for the future.

I did a simple 'Run application with and without Introscope' comparison with two of my applications. I picked a small application and a bigger one.

There were no suprises in CPU usage or response times.

But the difference in memory usage (RSS) was disturbing.

Server 1 without Introscope: 166 MB
Server 1 with Introscope and 900 metrics: 235 MB

Server 2 without Introscope: 993 MB
Server 2 with Introscope and 120 metrics: 1459 MB

This means an increase in RSS between 42 - 46 % just for starting the agent. There has been no user activity yet.

The Introscope version is 8.0.2 and running on Linux/Websphere running on a z10.

Does anyone here have done a similar evaluation? Did you get similar results or maybe even different results?

I am very interested to hear from you.


Server 2 RSS with and without Introscope agent

Metric count for Server 2