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Discussion created by Gary_Cherlet on Oct 25, 2011
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We discovered an error in the[b] CA IDMS Release 18.0 code that can corrupt system-owned indexes. If you have an[b] IDMSCLCX exit defined in the CA IDMS run-time environment, an index may be corrupted. The bug appears limited to the first attempt to insert a record into an index where currency has not been previously established on the index set's SR7 record. Currency on the SR7 is typically accomplished through some access of the index set. From our internal testing the error only appears to occur when these conditions are encountered using a CONNECT verb to insert the record whose entry is corrupted. To issue a CONNECT verb requires that the index set's membership options are either OM, OA, or MM. Sets with a membership option of MA do not appear to be affected.

We expect that user programs using a corrupted index might experience 11xx abends when accessing the index or unexpected non-zero minor codes.

We created apar [color=#0901f9]TR36722[color] to correct this error. If you feel that you have exposure to this error, open an issue with CA IDMS Technical Support and ask for apar TR36722. Apply the apar and rebuild any affected indexes using the MAINTAIN INDEX utility with the REBUILD FROM MEMBERS option.

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