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New process instances on existing projects

Question asked by brendanj1 on Oct 26, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2011 by brendanj1
I have had to rewrite three new processes to replace existing broken ones, and all three are on the Project object/ thisproject (object key). Is there a way to have these new process instances running/ activated against (approx 500 existing projects) without the need to do any manual 'association'. I now they are ok with all new projects being created, but the existing ones...? Thanks


Should have been more specific - 3 processes are:
1. Lock/ Unlock attribute (Project Probability attribute)
2. Project create - Status/ Unapproved - set Probability to x%
3. Project update - Status/ changes (various), Delivery date/ changes - set Probability to y or z%

All the above are valid and available on project/ process tab. Process 1 not relevant for existing projects. Process 2 not relevant for existing projects. Process 3 - is key this has to be initiated (if I remember correctly) in order for it to affect the behaviour of the proj prob attribute in the future, so question remains how to move in bulk from available to initiated and have it 'started'???

Hope I'm clearer on this