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Alerts Management - Reports, Batch Update, and Customization

Question asked by Jean_Dagenais on Jul 15, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2014 by Hiko_Davis

I have refactored our alerts definition and settigns this week (gouping, standard naming, caution and danger threshold), and I am looking at a few features to help me report and manage the alerts as we continue to enhance and tune them.

a) Is there a ways to generate a report describing the alerts, and the threshold settings.
b) Is there a way to change alerts threeshold without the GUI (like with a batch file)?
c) is there a way to customize the email alert contents, by formatting the message differently (like the subject line), or adding specific text for each event? e.g. probable cause and recommended actions?

I know about the clw that can help us enable/disable alerts, but with a few hundred alerts it gets a luittle bit tricky to keep my excel spreadsheet in sync with the current seetings in Introscope!