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Installing Introscope Agent on Kronos Workforce Central

Question asked by Frederik.Esselink on Oct 27, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2011 by Frederik.Esselink
I am relatively new to Wily so, I apologize if I'm making a mistake that is obvious to some of you. I have been having a hard time figuring out exactly where to add the java arguments for certain applications in my organization when installing a java agent. Our application analysts don't typically have the level of technical understanding of their application to know exactly where to instrument the application, so I'm often stuck working with vendors who have differing levels of "appreciation" for Wily.

One such application is Kronos Workforce Central. It's a jboss application that is run via windows service. I have installed the Wily agent in the application's jboss home directory. I tried adding the appropriate code the run.bat file in jboss, but that did not work. There is a jbossWinService.bat file that our vendor contacts suggested would be the right place to add our java arguments, but adding them there and restarting the application did not work, either. It is clearly not even getting called, as I don't get a logs folder in the wily directory.

So... does anyone have experience installing Wily on Kronos Workforce Central that might be able to give me some direction. Thanks!

On a side note... it might be useful to have a collated listing of how people have gotten the agents to work for various applications. Surely it seems silly for each of us who have the same applications to have to ask our staff/the vendor the same questions when we want to install Wily rather than just being able to look that information up in this community.