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Actuals, pending actuals, ETC and pending ETC by task in one view?

Question asked by SamCoverdale on Oct 31, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2011 by Robert Ensinger
Need some help from some people currently using timetracking to drive the projet plans.

I am trying to drive my organization to more effective schedule managaement using the data provided within Clarity. I have them there using Open Workbench. They accomplish this by bringing into a WBS view the following fields:
Actuals Hours
Pending Actuals
ETC Hours
Proposed ETC? (the checkbox that indicates there is a proposed ETC)
Proposed ETC

My challenge is how can I get this in a WBS type (or at least a task by task) type view for Clarity. I have looked at the standard available portlets and can only find one that is project by project.

Does anyone have any suggestions. The big problem area appears to be Proposed ETC and Pending Actuals. Those are the ones I am really missing.

How has everyone else accomplished this?

Really appreciate any help you can give.

Sam Coverdale
Portfolio Manager