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Calling a WebService from IDMS-DC

Question asked by Gary_Cherlet on Oct 31, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2011 by Gary_Cherlet
Dear IDMS Community -

This subject has been broached before, but I don't see where it got very far in the IDMS-L archives. We have a real business need to have[color=#0202f7] ADS (or more likely) IDMS DC-COBOL to be able to call a WebService.[color] IDMS would be the requestor and the WebService would be the provider. I'm really interested in only this aspect of it.

We don't have CICS anymore, so WebService support in CICS Transaction Server is not an option. There are millions of hits in Google on mainframe calling a WebService. But, it seems like most of these millions are people that are asking the question with very few actually answering. A lot of it seems to center on COBOL running on UNIX or using MicroFocus COBOL. I'd be really interested in hearing from anyone who has been successful at doing this, and how:
[*]Did you create object-oriented COBOL to call Java and have Java call the service?
[*]Can Java even run within an IDMS-DC region?
[*]Do you call another open-systems object with a socket connection and let it make the WebService call?
[*]Is it even possible to send SOAP directly to an HTTP or HTTPS port or is that communication reserved for browser functions only?
Examples would be nice. But, understand that I'm not asking to reap the benefits of all your hard development work. I can do that myself. I'm just asking for a flashlight right now to find my way around in the dark. If you could give me an outline of the methodology you followed, that would be perfect. If there are 3rd-party products that can accomplish this task, I'd like to know about them, too.

I have to believe there are others of you out there that have the same interest.

Thanks. Jon Gocher