Looking for a Product extension/scripts/tool?

Discussion created by SergioMorales Employee on Nov 2, 2011
Hi Everyone,

I have noticed that people are asking for some Agent extensions. These and other useful extension, scripts, typeviews and other tools are currenlty available from the Documentaiton library > Tools section.
You can find below a list of what you can find there:
EPAgent Scripts
-AIX MonitoringAIX Disk Stats.zipAIX JVM Stats.zipAIX Monitoring Scripts.zipAIX System Resource MonitoringDataPower Monitoring EPA Disk Linux Disk Application Server MonitoringIBM JVM Garbage Collection Monitoring.zipWebSphere Application Server Cell MQ and Broker MonitoringMQ and Broker monitoring scripts.zipField Extensions-FeaturesAndCommonFieldExtensions.ppt-Baseline Email Formatter for or PBD Syntax TypeViews-hibernate_typeview.xml-log4j_typeview.xml-nmon_typeviewer.xml-system_typeview.xml-Typeview for WAS 5 PMI

If you have any other tool that we can all benefit from, please feel fee to upload it to this section.




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