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Introscope Alert Setting

Question asked by zhang.zhao on Nov 4, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2011 by SergioMorales
I have a question about setting Alerts and Actions.
Here is my case. For example: I have to two simple alerts for connection status. Let's say alert1 and alert2.
Here is what I want to do.. I want to trigger the SMTP mail action only if alert1 = 1 AND alert 2 = 3, otherwise (like when alert1 =3 and alert2 =3) DO NOT trigger the SMTP action. I don't know where I can add this condition statement. Is there anyone knows whether we are able to set this kind of advanced alert/action on Wily? Because seems summary alert is not able to do this job. I would be appreciated if anyone can gimme any suggestion. Thanks