what I learned when converting to release 15.0 ....

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two ""gotchas"" i discovered when upgrading to 15.0 ...

1) in 14.1 - we had a CV where the memory required to fufill buffer
requests exceeded the amount of storage available to us from the opsys
(please don't ask why we needed so much) startup, when we could
not get the storage we needed, the CV allocated what it could and went
on its merry way ...

in 15.0, however, the startup croaked when it could not provide the
buffers with the needed memory. TD67596 was written to address this.

2) we are staging our implementation of LE. when we first converted to
15.0, LE had no role. Then, I sysgenned RHDCLEFE & CEEPIPI, and put LE
libraries in our CDMS LIB concatenation. I brought up the Cv after each
step. It seems that the CV thinks LE is supported (confirmed by
DCPROFIL) if RHDCLEFE is sysgenned - so even when the LE libraries were
not yet in play, the first execution of a COBOL II dc cobol program
would attempt to call CEEPIPI, and, therefore fail. Afterwards, the CV
would realize that LE was not supported, and all would be fine (and
DCPROFIL) would correctly reflect that LE was NOT Supported). Once the
LE runtime libraries were in play - all was fine.

Chris Hoelscher
IDMS & DB2 Database Administrator
Humana Inc

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