RE: RMF Monitor III reports while HWIDMP43 was assigned to

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Feb 25, 2005
SYSSTC on 02/25/2005

Hi Roseanna,
The ENQs and the delay are for batch to CV jobs. It's the mechanism we
use to detect when a batch to cv job goes away without letting the CV
know. When the batch job starts it issues an ENQ on the literal BATC and
a time value. The job then connect to IDMS. IDMS has what are called
CHECKUSER tasks. Their only job in life is to issue the very same ENQ on
the same literal and time value. At this point the CHECKUSER task waits
on the ENQ, it can't get it because the batch job has it. These
checkusers run on their own TCBs within the IDMS address space. If the
batch job should abend or cancel, the checkuser would acquire the ENQ
and notify the IDMS system that the batch job had gone away. The IDMS
system will then clean up things.