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Hello all,
I am trying to produce a ""quick and dirty"" report for the user. Was trying
to use OLQ menu mode to build the report and then save a qfile and run
batch. The question is - is there a way to make OLQ walk a set backwards?
I have record ""A"" that is stored calc and record ""B"" that is stored via ""A""
but the most recent records are always stored first in the set. In my
query, I just want the first record stored chronologically (ie. the ""last""
one in the set). Is there a way to alter the path that OLQ creates when it
builds the query?
Debbie Grafton
D.C. Superior Court

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Re: OLQ menu
"Hi Gary,
There is a menu choice that simply displays the PATH. This is the same that
you see if you view the path in IDD. The paths are all shown as SQL
statements. I'm not much on SQL so I don't know how you would make it force
a path. Here's a simplified version of what the SQL statement currently
looks like:

SELECT 'CASE'.'field-1' 'SPNARR'.'field2' FROM 'CASE' 'SPNARR'
WHERE ('CASE-SPNARR') AND other criteria....

CASE-SPNARR is the set that I would like to walk backwards. Does that shed
any more light on this 'garden path""?