Using PAV disk devices with IDMS 16.0

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I have a couple of questions about PAV devices and IDMS 16.0.

The IDMS manuals imply that 16.0 will disable the collision checking on PAV
devices even though the PAV device is configured to run with collision
checking. Is this true? In other words, we just have to have the PAV device
configured as a PAV device and IDMS 16.0 will automatically do the rest?

Can this feature show a noticeable performance improvement?


Chris Wood

Alberta Department of Energy


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Re: Using PAV disk devices with IDMS 16.0

We have many PAVs on a 2105 shark with IDMS 15.0. We left them alone, and
they perform VERY well. When we went to the 2105 our batch processing
dropped by 2.5 hours elapsed time. I have heard of other shops that had a
negative result going to the 2105 with IDMS. But those shops did not have
PAV units. With our past experience with PAVing, I would just let them do
their job a not ""adjust"" them.

Neal Kostanski

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Abbott Laboratories
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